Anthony Kearney founded the company to represent the changing needs in the security industry. What he has found is that getting to know your client's needs in a smaller capacity, prior to providing large scale needs is a window of opportunity few companies take to ensure quality service. This method has spurred interest in our security services and is our mission for future growth.

Anthony Kearney, President/CEO

Mission Statement

Ultimate Security Services Inc. provides personalized security services for people and organizations in the United States of America. We secure the assets of our customers through a customized and personal response that they value. Our unique background and experience enable us to provide differentiated and excellent service. Ultimate Security Services Inc. exists to serve its clients, employees, and communities in which we live.

Training & Development Requirements

8 Hour Pre-assignment - required entry level security course completed prior to hiring at client location.

16 Hour On-The-Job Training
- Must complete before 90 days of employment is completed and will be based on client needs at work facilities.

8 Hour Annual Refresher Training - used to update the security officer with NY updates, trends, laws, regulation and procedures that impact the security officer duties. 

Recruitment Sources

Our choice of recruiting staff for clients is based on factors such as client preferences, nature of the work and site location.

We have a data base with thousands of our students from our training program as a major source for our hiring needs along with recruitment channels throughout the security industry.


Our qualifications for employment include the following at minimum:

• Must be a U.S. citizen or an alien lawfully authorized to work in the United State
• Must pass a background check and drug screen
• Must be willing to pass medical and/or psychological tests as a condition of employment or continued employment (including test for substance for abuse)
• Must have an honorable discharge from military (if served)
• Must meet minimum requirements of state licensing for security guard employment
• Must be at least age 18 years of age
• Must have a reliable means of communication (i.e. home phone or mobile phone)
• Must have reliable means of transportation to and from work
• Must be able to effectively speak, read and write English
• Must refrain from wearing excessive jewelry
• Must meet grooming requirement of the client
• Must furnish black socks and plain-toed shoes in good condition to be worn with uniform
• If employed full-time, must be able to work overtime and on various shifts as needed, including weekends and holidays.

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Drug Screening Program

 Our Drug -Free policy is clearly stated and rigorously enforced.

Ultimate Security Services Inc. supports a drug­ free environment, and we do not tolerate the use and abuse of alcohol or illegal narcotics.

Criminal Record Check

All employees are subject to State and FBI background check.

Verification of United States Citizenship or Authorization to Work

Ultimate Security Services Inc. will not hire any individual who cannot provide proof of authorization to work on the United States.

We complete an I-9 form for each employment candidate certifying receipt of acceptable proof of right to work, in compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA).

Site Supervision

Supervision is the key to the outstanding performance if our individual security officers. Security officers, even at average pay rates, cannot be expected to perform satisfactory without intense supervision. Potential performance problems such as officers congregating, fraternizing, sleeping, etc. are areas addressed through supervision. Indeed, it is through effective supervision, that accountability is built into a security program

Field Supervision and Emergency Capabilities

Our office is always operative 24 hours a day with Tour Supervisors and Dispatchers on duty, making possible for our officers and supervisors to be in constant communication with us, and we in tum with them. Emergency situations and replacement of personnel can be handled in a prompt and efficient manner at any of the day or night.

Corporate Values

Integrity – The first and most important value centers on trust between Ultimate Security Services Inc., the client, our communities, and our employees.

Respect – For the individual and the client we serve by putting others first and valuing their differences.

Flexibility – Responsiveness to the client and employees to ensure that we provide customized and timely service.

Humility– Putting service to others ahead of personal interests.

Excellence – Providing and striving for the best results for service, the team, and individual.

Empowerment – Development and training programs that enable employees to do their best.